Clinigen is a rapidly-growing specialty pharmaceutical and service company with a unique business model dedicated to delivering the right medicine to the right patient at the right time to improve the quality of people's lives around the world.

To achieve our aim, we have built a group of complementary businesses which can operate efficiently in a complex global regulatory environment and which can ensure that precious medicines are delivered securely and effectively, whenever they are needed throughout the production lifecycle. Through four businesses, Clinigen Clinical Trial Services, Idis Managed Access, Idis Global Access and Clinigen Specialty Pharmaceuticals, we provide patient access to our own and other pharmaceutical companies' products, whether to meet unmet medical needs or for use in clinical trials.

Clinigen Clinical Trial Services (CTS):

We use our global expertise, systems and relationships to source and manage the supply of commercial medicines to pharmaceutical companies for use exclusively in clinical trials. This requires excellent knowledge of the global pharmaceutical market, the regulatory processes and customs authorities of countries all over the world, along with a high tech supply chain with guaranteed quality and safety standards that can deliver swiftly.

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Idis Managed Access (MA):

On behalf of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, we manage essential programs that provide access to critical pre-approval medicines for physicians and their patients all over the world. But what is a managed access program? Known by many terms from ‘expanded access’ and ‘named patient’ to ‘compassionate use’ and ‘early access’, a managed access program enables physicians to access treatments that are not available in their own country for patients with an unmet medical need. Wherever they are, we can deliver treatments quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, ethically.

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Idis Global Access (GA):

Idis Global Access (GA) is the global leader in providing ethical, compliant access to unlicensed or unavailable medicines, meeting the demands of pharmacists and physicians around the world treating patients with unmet medical need.

For pharmacists and physicians, we provide a ‘go-to’ solution to assist them in accessing medicines for their patients who have no other treatment options available.

For pharmaceutical companies, we provide solutions to assist them in extending the reach of their products into regions where unmet patient need exists. This could be due to delays in commercial access, a planned lack of commercial presence, product supply shortages or market discontinuations.

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Clinigen Specialty Pharmaceuticals (SP):

We acquire niche medicines that don’t fit into the portfolios of other pharmaceutical companies. These are typically hospital-only treatments for rare or life-threatening diseases. We specialise in revitalising and ensure that products will continue to be marketed and distributed responsibly once they have joined the Clinigen portfolio. All the while, we’re ensuring that patients already using the medicine continue to get the treatment they need, while the company whose product we have acquired can feel confident that its reputation is in safe hands.

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Link Healthcare:

We provide local and regional commercial access to vitally important specialist pharmaceutical and medical technology products focused in the regions of Asia, Africa and Australasia. 

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We are currently 500+ people, headquartered in Burton-on-Trent in the UK, with offices in London, Weybridge, Surrey, the US, Australia, China, Japan, South Africa and Singapore. With a customer services team who speak over 19 languages between them, our clients from all over the world find us easy to do business with, while physicians and pharmacists find us a valuable source of information about how to access the medicines they need for their patients.