Clinigen Specialty Pharmaceuticals ('CSP') Clinigen SP is a global specialty pharmaceutical business that acquires the global rights to niche, hospital-only and critical care medicines. With five products in two portfolios (oncology support and infectious disease), Clinigen SP has come a long way since acquiring its first product, Foscavir, from AstraZeneca in 2010.

The Clinigen SP business model is focused upon not just acquiring the global rights to products, but importantly, driving the revitalisation of these products through a range of different but complementary initiatives that ultimately stimulate demand leading to revenue and profit growth.

The Clinigen approach to specialty pharmaceuticals is to focus on those medicines which are in the mature phase of the product life cycle and are not a focus or priority for investment for the current owner. Provided they meet the criteria Clinigen applies in assessing the potential for a product, they will however become a valuable asset for Clinigen. Unlike most specialty pharmaceutical companies, Clinigen does not rely on a traditional country-based sales representative model in order to drive growth.

By focusing on mature, niche products, Clinigen SP is able to develop close working relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the key treatment centres around the world to drive demand for, and growth in, its products.

1 The adjusted results exclude share based payment costs, amortisation and non-underlying costs
2 Newer products 
refers to Ethyol, Cardioxane, and Savene