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Clinigen CTS Value Added Services

As comparator drugs become more and more expensive the need to reduce wastage is paramount. Many of our new value added services are geared not just toward efficient, competitive sourcing and price negotiation, but also to local sourcing, just-in-time delivery and demand-driven labelling. All of these ensure reduced supply returns, fewer drug expirations and thus much less wastage. 

Our value added services include, but are not limited to:

  • Direct-to-site delivery – thanks to our global and regional depots plus networked distributors we can rapidly procure and securely ship medicines to multiple trial sites; saving time and money.
    View Video: Direct to Site Supply Chain Service
  • Demand-driven labelling and distribution – we have secondary labelling facilities thus ensuring just-in-time responsiveness and addressing comparator and non-investigational medicine wastage and improving efficiency
  • Ancillary supply – the cost-effective and timely procurement of ancillary equipment, giving sets, rescue medicines and other support material is a growing part of our seamless comprehensive service
  • Investigator-initiated trial services – investigator-initiated trials or studies (IITs) are an increasingly important part of clinical research and Clinigen CTS have developed a range of customised solutions to help the smooth and painless support of IITs
  • Technical consultancy – our expertise and knowledge of the trial supplies sector is second to none. With regulatory insight, QP certification and up-to-the-minute understanding of the compliance landscape our advice is always well-informed and contemporaneous 

Beyond these established added-value services Clinigen CTS customizes services to client needs, however complex or challenging. Strategic partnering means looking together at the big challenges and working together to overcome them. 

Contact Clinigen CTS about any trials supply issues you are facing and we can work together to  overcome them, tailoring a solution to help your organisation run more effective and more efficient clinical development programs.

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