Idis Global Access ('Idis GA') is the global market leader in the ethical supply of ‘on demand’ unlicensed or short supply medicines to patients, at their ‘point of care’, via their physicians. The sourcing and supply of medicines which are unlicensed or in short supply is difficult and highly complex and as a result there is a high unmet clinical and patient need.

GA is at the early stages of capitalising on the significant international opportunity. Even in Europe, the average time between the date of EU market authorisation and the drug being available varies between four months to 18 months3. It is the Group’s belief that a trusted source of high quality medicines, legally shipped in a timely manner to healthcare professionals worldwide is a market necessity.

Patient awareness and knowledge of available treatments has been heightened by the internet and global patient forums. The patient knows what they want and the medicine not being available at their ‘point of care’ is not a barrier to them. Internet pharmacies are meeting some of this unmet demand, but with low quality, counterfeit and often dangerous products. Healthcare professionals regularly have to source product through untried and untrusted routes. Clinigen has gathered immense sourcing expertise and local knowledge of regulatory frameworks. We ensure products are from trusted sources and we only supply through the hospital pharmacy to the prescribing physician.

1 The adjusted results exclude share based payment costs, amortisation and non-underlying costs
2 Year on year comparisons, referred to as ‘pro forma’ are calculated from the aggregated unaudited results taken from i) 12 monthly management information for Clinigen and Idis, and ii) for Link Healthcare, the eight months ended 30 June 2016 and for the eight months ended 30 June 2015. The pro forma calculation has also removed the effect of the termination of the Global Access low margin contract in November 2015
3 EFPIA: Patients W.A.I.T Indicator; 2011 Report – based on EFPIA’s database (first EU marketing authorisation in the period 2008-2010)