Sourcing product for clinical sites can be complex, riddled with regulatory constraints and logistical hazards, and sourcing locally can bring a variety of problems including price fluctuations and product shortages.

Clients need a streamlined, cost-effective process while ensuring product integrity and quality systems are not compromised.

In late 2013 we were contacted by a US pharmaceutical company running two large, global oncology trials. They had originally planned to source product locally, but realised that prices would vary enormously between regions, while local drug shortages could pose a problem that might result in delays and money wasted. Knowing our reputation for unparalleled sourcing expertise, they asked us to help.

We worked directly with the product innovator to offer central sourcing that would supply drugs to be used in all countries for both global trials. We also became our client’s central distribution hub, providing cold-chain storage of freshly manufactured bulk supplies and shipping to depots on demand, so that every country had the exact quantity needed at the right time. This included managing communications with all country depots; liaising with the relevant authorities when required; and preparing the documentation to ensure a smooth import process. This streamlined approach mitigated financial, regulatory and operational risks and allowed our client a hassle-free service, at a much lower cost.