It is critical to have a realistic and accurate patient forecast to understand the scale of the potential patient population of an access program. 

Access to an unlicensed medicine is impacted by very different factors than those used to predict the commercial or clinical trial patient population. Having a clear understanding of these factors in creating a patient forecast will help you with:

  • Better understanding costs involved in the provision of access to an unlicensed medicine
  • Planning of inventory and supply management
  • Ensuring internal and external resource is available
  • Meeting patients’ and physicians’ needs and expectations
  • Guiding regulatory mechanism decisions

The Clinigen Consulting forecasting methodology leverages over 30 years’ worth of data and experience in almost every therapeutic area to help provide a realistic, evidence-driven patient forecast by country. This level of experience and historical knowledge is unparalleled within the industry and uniquely positions Clinigen to provide such a service. Quite often upon initiation of an access program, demand can arise from anywhere in the world and may reach unexpected levels which poses a significant challenge for many organizations. Having an evidence based forecast can potentially help address this and many other unexpected challenges.


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