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ETHYOL® (amifostine)

What is it?

ETHYOL® contains the drug amifostine. Amifostine is in a class of medications called cytoprotectants which protect against the harmful effects of chemotherapy medications and radiation treatment.

ETHYOL® is licenced in many markets for the following uses:

  • Use in certain advanced ovarian carcinomas to reduce the neutropenia (low white blood cell count) related risk of infection (e.g. neutropenic fever) associated with cyclophosphamide and/or cisplatin;
  • Use in certain types of cancers (not including ovarian or testicular cancer) to reduce the risk of kidney damage which can be caused by cisplatin;
  • Use in cancer of the head and neck to reduce the risk of acute and late xerostomia (loss of saliva associated with an impression of a dry mouth), a side-effect caused by standard fractionated radiation therapy.

Marketing Authorisations

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