Our mission at Clinigen to ensure that the Right Medicine reaches the Right Patient at the Right time has been taken one step further with Clinigen Specialty Pharmaceuticals (SP).

We identify and acquire specialist, niche medicines that don’t fit the standard portfolios of larger pharmaceutical manufacturers. Most importantly, however, is that with our expertise and global capabilities we ensure that patients not currently benefiting from these medicines can do so in the future.

We specialize in giving medicines a new lease of life, ensuring that products will continue to be marketed and distributed responsibly once they have joined the Clinigen portfolio.

We call this ‘revitalisation’ and we are proud of our proven track record of growing the use of our medicines through improved access and awareness to help healthcare professionals treating patients with serious illnesses around the world.

Since 2010, we have acquired one new medicine per year and we are proud to currently offer five critical care medicines in our product portfolio. These medicines offer patients with cancer or life-threatening infectious disease support for improving their treatment outcome. 

By choosing to divest non-core assets to Clinigen SP, companies realize value through rationalizing their portfolios to free up resources, while maintaining niche patient population access to support continued goodwill with healthcare professionals and regulatory authorities.

Global capability

Our ability to operate anywhere in the world, in both licensed and unlicensed markets is unique. With unrivalled logistical, regulatory and market intelligence expertise, we can take on a medicine in its entirety – giving you the opportunity to divest to a single, responsible new owner who will take on marketing authorizations, with control of our own supply chain and the demonstrated ability to distribute globally.

Efficient and swift transactions

Divesting to one responsible owner with a small, focused team means a fast and smooth transition. It means that your resources are used more efficiently, and transaction costs can be lower.

Maintaining access and reputation

Maintaining patients’ access to the medicines they have come to rely on is essential, and something we take very seriously. As the only global pharmaceutical and services company that owns its own intellectual property while also serving patient access needs throughout each stage of the product lifecycle, we have a unique ability to provide comprehensive medicine access solutions to maintain the reputation of your brand.

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