The Groups strategic priorities for FY17 remain rooted in its founding principle of delivering the right medicine, to the right patient, at the right time. Now with our global footprint the Group is even more capable of doing this.

We have set a goal to become the global leader in ethical access to unlicensed medicines. We set this goal last year, and in reality we have probably achieved it already, as we undoubtedly have the largest sales in unlicensed medicines. However, we are only scratching the surface of this, as yet, untapped global market. Our target going forward therefore is to take this goal to the next level and be the recognised and trusted “go to” solution for hospital pharmacists and healthcare professionals for the supply of medicines not available at the patient’s 'point of care'.

To maintain a market leading position we need a world class customer service, every time. Therefore we try to instil in our people an understanding that the patient, who is the beneficiary of all of our products or services, should be thought of as a friend or a family member. If we do this we are motivated to care more, if we care more we are all motivated to provide outstanding customer service and the patient and healthcare professional receives a world-leading customer experience. We are working hard on bringing the Idis and Link brands to the same levels of quality and customer care already expected from and delivered by the Clinigen brand, and then keeping them there.

Strategic priority Progress 2017 Objectives 

World-class customer service every time

Implementation of a 24/7 call centre

Consistent customer service feedback developed

Achieved ServiceMark accreditation for world class customer service

Build a Clinigen culture based on continuous improvement

Process alignment in operational centres

Develop 48 hour customer response times for all new enquiries

Become the “go to” global leader in ethical access to unlicensed medicines

Integration of Idis substantially complete

Market leader in Managed Access

Market leader in on-demand 'point of care' unlicensed access

Introduce quality seal to raise standards

Introduce e-commerce platform for unlicensed supply

Build the brand amongst hospital pharmacists

Increase our profile with customers and opinion leaders

Work with 20/25 ‘Big Pharma’ companies

Supplied to over 6,000 customers

Work with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in select areas

Broaden and deepen our relationships with pharmaceutical customers

Drive KOL engagement across markets

Expand engagement with hospital pharmacists and pharmacy groups

Upgrade technology platform

Cliniport managing MA programmes

Implementation of new ClinigenOne ERP system started

Development of e-commerce system started

Continue implementation of ClinigenOne ERP

Continue development of e-commerce system

Develop Clinigen Intelligence Database (CID)

Extend global footprint into remaining key markets

US strategic alliance with Cumberland Pharmaceuticals in September 2015

Acquisition of Link in October 2015 providing coverage in the Africa, Australia and Asia region

Started transfer of Foscavir registration to our own business in Japan

Complete transfer of Foscavir to our own business in Japan

Expand African footprint 

Drive growth through Asia from Singapore hub

Review options to upscale capability in LATAM