The combination and synergies between the divisions of our unique business model bring key benefits to maximising value for the Group.


Clinigen CTS

CTS raises awareness of ability to source and supply pre-approval drugs outside of a clinical trial environment via MA. CTS also provides MA and GA with valuable access to relationships gained through its operations in the clinical trial market.

Idis MA

MA has helped CTS expand their knowledge on the additional services that can be offered for clinical trials. MA provides GA with relationships and insights gained from the pre-approval through to the phased launch markets which enables GA to continue the supply chain for unlicensed medicine and meet the unmet needs of the patient.

Idis GA

Provides the Group with significant opportunity to expand in the pharma emerging markets and become the ethical supplier of choice in a number of such countries. GA also contributes relationships and insights gained from late-stage product withdrawals to SP in order to identify potential candidates for acquisition.

Clinigen SP

Shares experience of regulatory, pharmacovigilance and quality systems gained as a specialty pharmaceutical company, with CTS, MA and GA.

Link Healthcare

Link provides local and regional commercial access to vitally important specialist Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology products focussed in the regions of Asia, Africa and Australasia.

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Access across the lifecycle

The difference goes beyond our business model; many cultural qualities set us apart from the rest.


Our impressive in-house capabilities ensure consistently high-quality and the best service across all aspects of our business. Our people are motivated, highly skilled and dedicated to what they do. We have been recognised by Investors in People as a Bronze company, an accolade awarded to just 3% of Investors in People companies, and our multilingual customer service team received the prestigious ServiceMark accreditation in 2015 from the UK’s Institute of Customer Service.


Clinigen has unparalleled knowledge and expertise of the complex global supply chain environment. We deliver to customers in more than 130 countries, each with its own unique legal and regulatory environments. We ethically provide access to licensed and unlicensed medicines by sourcing products from approved suppliers only, ensuring a safe, temperature-controlled, rapid journey from origin to destination. We test every route in and out of a country to anticipate any customs and practical issues, to ensure it is feasible before taking on a project, and we will only accept a route if it can be used in accordance with UK and local country regulations.


We have a successful track record of working closely with clients, distributors and key opinion leaders. This has helped us gain several exclusive relationships for the supply of clinical trial comparator medicines and has enabled us to count Astra Zeneca as a partner across three of our four businesses. We are proud to count 19 out of 25 of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies as our clients.


We are a recognised leader in the supply of unlicensed medicines. In a recent, external survey, clients from all over the world reported that they found Clinigen easy to do business with, while doctors and pharmacists find the Group a valuable source of information about how to access the medicines they need for their patients.


The combination of businesses we have is unique. It provides us with insight across the product lifecycle. In addition, we believe that no other company can match our knowledge and expertise of the complex global supply chain environment that is required to get medicines to where they are needed fast, wherever in the world that may be.