In the pharmaceutical industry, trust is everything. We have developed relationships with manufacturers and innovators who know we can be trusted with the supply of their products for clinical trials, and we put this to the service of our clients.

A trial sponsor came to Clinigen in 2013 looking for a central sourcing partner for a global study. They were keen to have one partner because they had suffered from both regional price differences and price fluctuations during previous trials, but were concerned about ensuring equivalency between US and EU product.

We already had a strong relationship with the product innovator, and, by working closely with their quality assurance, commercial and regulatory teams, were able to obtain customized documentation to prove equivalency, as well as negotiating a lock-in price for our client for the duration of the trial. The lock-in, along with the consistency of supply, flexibility and reduced wastage resulting from our central sourcing solution, culminated in savings of millions of dollars, as well as removing all the stress and hassle inherent in sourcing product for a global study.